About Us


Recep with friend in San Francisco 2003
Istanbul 2003


Everyone surely has a journey in their life. We would love to introduce ourselves to you, starting with our company’s founder, Recep Dinli. Recep started on his journey at only 6 years old. His father Ahmet introduced him to business and working at this young age. Recep was just a young boy when he began to work by selling ice cold water on the street, organic eggs from the village, and huge juicy organic watermelons in the farmers market to help his family financially and to learn how to make a business. He graduated from Tourism and Hotel Management where he was born in Kayseri in Cappadocia, Turkey. He has 3 younger brothers who also worked with him at that time. He opened his first rug store in his hometown, Kayseri, when he was only 16 years old at the bazaar selling beautiful handmade Turkish kilims and rugs to Europeans, Americans, Asians, locals, and anyone else who came to the market. He also used to guide tourists all over in Cappadocia and the surrounding towns. He fell in love with his wonderful wife, Aysel, and they married 1989 when he was only 19 years old. One year later, he decided to move with his family to Istanbul which was better market for the beautiful handcrafted rugs and kilims. His adventure of representing this beauty got even bigger. He successfully managed his  store in and old town called Sultanahmet for 22 years. During that time he opened a beautiful Turkish authentic restaurant, just next door where his rug store was located. Recep and his wife named it Cafe Homemade Istanbul and Aysel was the manager of the restaurant. Everybody loved the food, atmosphere, and the design of the restaurant. It was recommended by ‘PETITE FUTE, TRIP ADVISOR, and LONELY PLANET’ among other publications for years.

Recep had beautiful friendships during those years from all over in the world and also met with people who lived in United States. He would travel to the U.S. for vacation for years, but never thought to open a store here. A good American friend suggested that he open a boutique in Martha’s Vineyard in Massachussets only for summer season on 2011. He took his friend’s advice and opened his first store in Edgartown and named it KISSMET with the lips logo on top of it. Everybody loved the store and story behind it. People were amazed with all the hand-made globed mosaic lights, handspun wool, Turkish knotted wool and silk handmade rugs, Iznik designed fine pottery, handcrafted jewelry, and all of his other fine goods.

For family reasons he decided to move his store to Charleston SC and relocate the store on King street on 2013. Kissmet still exists in Charleston and we welcome people from all over the world. We are also very excited to share that we have reopened our store in Edgartown, Martha’s Vineyard in May 2018.

Please give us a chance to show you the Turkish hospitality and stop by for fresh Turkish coffee or tea whenever you are in the area and enjoy the beauty, share the culture and art with us or you can contact us and we will bring the beautiful items and culture to your home for a private showing.